Together with various partner organisations we have developed a controlled non-profit supply chain. Hulptroepen Alliantie works with Flexport, KLM, Randstad and Coolblue and is founded thanks to the initiative of Bernd Damme and Sywert van Lienden. We import personal protective equipment primarily from China to the Netherlands. Flexport collects the goods, which all meet RIVM (National Institute for Public Health and the Environment) requirements, in China. KLM handles the air transportation. We first test all face masks that come into the Netherlands in our lab in Shanghai and again upon arrival in the Netherlands. This way, we ensure a reliable supply of personal protective equipment.

This is how we have contributed to solving the scarcity in the Dutch market and allowing healthcare professionals to work in a protected way. After the acute scarcity was over, there was more room for us for take a logical step to do something for the rest of the Netherlands. Everyone can come to us for a reliable supply of personal protective equipment, non-profit. To guarantee this, we have established a foundation (Stichting Hulptroepen Alliantie – CoC 77713761). The foundation is a shareholder in an operating company (Hulptroepen Alliantie B.V. – CoC 77714806) to facilitate this process. The director of the foundation is Bernd Damme. 

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