Filtration and leakage test

The face masks are tested on filtration capacity (particle test) and leakage (fit test) by Van Straten Medical/GreenCycle upon arrival in the Netherlands.

The filtration capacity is tested by determining the percentage of air that is filtered by resisting NaCI particles, ensuring no harmful substances enter the nose or mouth. The filtration capacity is tested with a calibrated Lighthouse Solair 3100 particle counter (Lighthouse, San Francisco). The test gives a rapid and accurate indication of the filtration performance by measuring 0.3 to 3.0-micron particles in free air flow using a Solair particle counter. This way, depending on the application of the mask, we can determine whether the filtration is adequate for safe use.

In addition, leakage tests are carried out, also testing the fit and seal of the mask. The leakage, and therefore the fit validation, are tested using an AccuFIT 9000 Respirator Test Machine (Accutec, Oklahoma).

Product documentation

We assess the European CE certificates and the Chinese test reports. In China we check the offered quality in factories. Prior to purchasing products, a sample is tested in the Netherlands. If the sample meets the requirements, the products are purchased and tested again before being delivered.

Bram on testing face masks


Visual inspection

To further guarantee the quality, an SGS inspector is present in the factory every production day who visually checks the production, raw materials and working conditions.

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