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We supply various personal protective equipment such as mouth masks, isolation gowns and gloves. In addition, we offer antigen and antibody rapid tests from Roche and Abbott. In the menu at Shop you can see which products we are currently offering.

We offer everyone the option to pay with iDeal or credit card in the webshop. If you do not have the option to pay directly in this way, it is possible for a large group of customers to order via Klarna. Whether this is possible depends on the situation, Klarna determines this herself. If this payment option is available, you can pay afterwards after receiving your order.

Yes, you can. Our personal protective equipment is not just for healthcare. We keep a close eye on the current situation for changes, limitations and possibilities. To date, we may and can continue to operate because we do not take resources away from healthcare providers, but instead offer them the opportunity to purchase more resources.

The quick tests are an exception to this, see the point below.

The Roche and Abbott rapid tests should be performed by a healthcare professional at all times: the person performing the test should feel qualified and competent to administer the test and communicate the results of the test to the person being tested. The result of the test should be interpreted by the health care professional and could be influenced by the quality of the collection and the clinical and epidemiological context of the person being tested. In order to purchase the rapid test from us, it is mandatory to provide the name and BIG registration of the person who will administer the test. When in doubt, we reserve the right to refuse to sell such products.


No, this is not allowed because it concerns point of care products and we need to know where the products have been delivered. Our products are therefore not intended for resale due to chain liability; If we encounter suspicious orders, we will act accordingly.

The rapid tests are currently not available to private individuals. This is because the test must be administered by a healthcare provider as explained above. We are looking at a new generation of reliable tests for own use. We hope to be able to make these available in the near future.

You can return all products except the rapid tests (both the antigen and the antibody tests) from Roche or Abbott unopened and within 14 days. You can request a return label for this via support@hulptroep.nu to return the package free of charge. As soon as the package has arrived and processed in good order, we will credit the order and send the credit note. The COVID-19 rapid tests cannot be returned as these are point-of-care products.


The holidays are just around the corner. This means extra work for PostNL and other delivery services. They do everything they can to deliver your parcels on time, use extra manpower and work longer.

What can you do yourself to have your products on site on time? PostNL gives a number of tips, below the most important three:

Order on working days;
– Choose delivery to a PostNL point if you are not on location on the expected delivery day;
– Order your products well before you need them.

No, it is not possible to pick up the products. This is because we work together with a logistics partner and therefore have the products in stock externally. The products will be delivered to the specified shipping address.

The products are delivered via PostNL. Immediately after you have ordered you will receive a confirmation of your order by email. After your order has left our warehouse, you will receive a Track & Trace link to track your shipment. Sometimes the track & trace mail ends up in the spam folder, keep an eye on this too.

We strive to always keep an available stock so that we can deliver immediately. Our aim is to deliver your order within 2 days. You will receive a shipping confirmation as soon as your order has been shipped. It contains a Track & Trace link with which you can track your package.

Note: Keep in mind in December that PostNL is very busy, which can cause shipments to be delayed. Order on time during this period!

We strive to always keep an available stock so that we can deliver immediately. Unfortunately, our suppliers are facing delivery problems due to the enormous international demand for these products. As a result, it is possible that the stock tests are temporarily sold out and the delivery time is increasing. In that case, we will provide an update on the delivery time for the product.

Business orders

Yes, you can also place a business order directly through our webshop. The Shop menu at the top of this page takes you to the webshop. In the case of mouth masks and other PPE, it is possible to request a quote from 2,000 to more than 1M pieces via distribution@hulptroep.nu or call 085-1304060. In the case of rapid tests, you can request a quote from 10 boxes.


All our products are tested according to strict guidelines. In the menu under Quality you can read more about our quality control.

Both tests are antigen tests that can show the presence of Covid-19. Roche’s tests have a higher sensitivity than those of Abbott and will therefore show a false negative / positive (wrong result) somewhat less often.

There is also a difference in delivery time and price. The Roche rapid tests can generally be delivered immediately, while Abbott’s delivery time sometimes takes a little longer. The current delivery time is indicated in the product description in the webshop.

The price of the Roche antigen rapid test is € 8.23 excl. VAT per item. The price of the Abbott antigen rapid test is € 7.57 per piece excluding VAT.

The shelf life of the rapid tests stated by the manufacturer is 2 years from production for Roche and 1 year for Abbott, provided they are stored under proper conditions. See the packaging or the information on our website. The production and best before date are always indicated on the box.

The white caps that you will find in the box of the FFP2 masks are to adjust the mask in case it is too large. The white caps can be slid around the ends of the ear loops. Now this is quite a hassle and that is why we supply the green mask bands, here you can put the ear loops around and adjust the mask. Is the mask exactly right? Fine, then you don’t need both!


We give green, sustainable mask bands as a gift with every mask shipment. These tires were donated by Braskem. You wear these straps behind your head and attach the ear elastics of the mouth mask. This way you relieve your ears and you can adjust the cap so that it fits better for you.

The type IIR mask is a surgical mask with a high filtering. The ‘R’ indicates that these are masks with a water-repellent coating. Without this layer, the mask is therefore moisture-permeable and does not offer the correct protection against the particles that people emit that may contain the virus.
This mask is well suited for use in public places, such as public transport. Because the Type IIR mask only stops large particles, this type of mask protects the environment against you. This type of mask therefore only offers one-sided protection. When everyone in the same room wears a type IIR mask, everyone should be safe and protected.

The KN95 mask meets the FFP2 requirement, which means that it also filters the smallest particles. In contrast to the type IIR mask, a KN95 mask offers two-sided protection. It protects both the environment from you and you from the environment. This is partly the reason that KN95 masks are mainly worn by healthcare workers who come into contact with potentially infected patients.

Children have a smaller head than adults and therefore the fit of these masks is adapted to children from about six years old. These masks offer children the same protection as the adult fit masks


We work from our ideals, our goal is to contribute to the creation of a reliable non-profit market for personal protective equipment in the Netherlands. For that reason there will also be an audit by an independent accountant in the context of transparency. Prices can fluctuate due to market forces.